Sweet Treats Hand & Nail Cream

NG 1016
  • Smooth
  • Soft 
  • Luxuriously nourished all day
  • 平滑
  • 柔软
  • 保湿功用


Product Description

Description:   contains Red Apple Extracts, Macademia Oil and Vitamin E A luxurious everyday treat for your beautiful hands and nails. This rich and protective hand cream comes with the relaxing scent of Nagano Apple, leaving your hands and nails feeling silky smooth, soft and luxuriously nourished all day.   Direction for use:   Apply a small amount on your hands and massage gently until fully absorbed. Apply as needed for daily moisturizing effects. Capacity / Volume: 60 ml   产品介绍:   含有红苹果精华、沙棘籽油及维他命E成分 使用Nagano香草甜味手霜,每天呵护您美丽的双手及指甲。这手霜含有令人放松的香草香味,并且具有呵护作用,从而使您的双手及指甲得以全天候拥有平滑、柔软、及保湿功用。   使用方法:   涂上小量的手霜于您的双手,并且均匀按摩以便完全让肌肤吸收。当您觉得需要有再保湿双手作用时,就涂上Nagano 香草甜味手霜。 容量:60毫升