Powder Cake – Aurora

NG 1028-2 (aurora)
  • Ultra-light formulation with Collagen 
  • That gives your skin a silky-smooth
  • Oil control function
  • Helps to conceal imperfection 
  • Protect against UV rays
  • Radiant
  • Luminous
  • 含有胶原蛋白
  • 如丝般柔滑的皮肤
  • 控油作用
  • 防紫外线
  • 容光焕发
  • 有光泽



Product Description

Description:   contains Collagen and Gigawhite Nagano Powder Cake is an ultra-light formulation with Collagen and Gigawhite that gives your skin a silky-smooth finish. It also has oil control function, helps to conceal imperfection and protect against UV rays. Your skin will look natural, radiant and luminous. The flawless look will last all day without caking or settling in fine lines. Perfect over foundation or used alone for touch-ups throughout the day. Comes in 3 colours: ivory, aurora, nude.   Direction for use:   Apply in small touches with the sponge, blending thoroughly from the center of the face outwards.   产品介绍:   含有胶原、Gigawhite Nagano 粉饼含有胶原蛋白及Gigawhite,可提供您如丝般柔滑的皮肤。此外,它还有控油作用,并且防紫外线。您的肌肤将变得自然、容光焕发及有光泽。完美无瑕的外观将会持续一整天,并不会出现粉痕的问题。 拥有3种颜色:象牙色;深米色;裸色   使用方法:   使用海绵轻轻涂抹粉饼后,从脸部中央向外彻底地涂抹均匀