Nail Polish – 23 In The Mirror

  • Very colored
  • lasting 
  • Gloss
  • Easy to dry
  • 非常上色
  • 持久度
  • 光泽度
  • 易干性


Product Description

Description:   An ultra-shiny, color rich and long wearing colored Nagano Nail Polish with a gentle formula that cares for your nails. Rapid drying and glides on evenly for a truly professional looking finish. Easy to be removed with Nagano Express Nail Polish Remover.    Direction for use:   Apply Nagano Nail Polish in a thin coat by working from the base of the nail towards the tip, center first and then sides. Wait to dry and apply a second coat as required.   产品介绍:   超闪亮,色彩丰富,长期着色的长野指甲油,配方温和,能够呵护您的指甲。快速干燥,均匀滑动,打造真正专业的妆容。使用Nagano Express指甲油去除剂很容易去除。   使用方法: 将指甲油涂在薄薄的手指上,从指甲底部朝向尖端,首先是中心,然后是两侧。等待干燥并根据需要涂上第二层涂层。