Kiss Me Baby Jelly Tint-Summer Peach

NG 1036_2
  • Bright 
  • Lively look
  • Soft delicate texture with moisturizing effects
  • Easy to apply 
  • Long-lasting
  • 明亮
  • 活泼的外观
  • 柔软细腻的质感
  • 保湿效果
  • 容易使用及持久


Product Description

Description:   Nagano Kiss Me Baby Jelly Tint is rich in glowing color that expresses your lips for a natural, bright and lively look. It has a soft delicate texture with moisturizing effects on your lips. Easy to apply and long-lasting jelly tint. Comes in 3 colours / flavours: strawberry milkshake, summer peach, cheery berry.   Direction for use:   Squeeze out some Nagano Jelly Tint and apply evenly to your lips, can apply as often as needed. Capacity / Volume: 10 ml   产品介绍:   Nagano Kiss Me Baby 护唇膏富有亮丽颜色,可展现您自然的嘴唇,明亮和活泼的外观。它具有柔软细腻的质感,并且带有保湿效果。容易使用及持久。拥有3种味道:草莓奶昔;桃子;樱桃。   使用方法:   挤出Kiss Me Baby 护唇膏涂在您的嘴唇即可。 容量:10 毫升