Intensive Horse Oil Cream

NG 1046
  • Moisturizing
  • High concentrations of Vitamin E 
  • Strengthen skin cells
  • Prevent water loss from the skin
  • Healthy antibacterial barrier
  • 保湿
  • 高浓度维他命E
  • 修复
  • 加强皮肤细胞
  • 防止皮肤水分流失
  • 抗菌效果


Product Description

Description: contains Horse Oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Jojoba Oil Nagano Intensive Horse Oil Cream is an extremely moisturizing cream containing high concentrations of Vitamin E within a 100% horse oil formula. It is naturally highly rich in Niacinamide and pure Ceramide which are beneficial to create and strengthen skin cells, prevent water loss from the skin, at the same time acting as an ideal healthy antibacterial barrier. Niacinamide works well to brighten and lighten the skin, lower sebum excretion and is used to treat hyperpigmentation and various degrees of acne. With this perfect combination of essential natural ingredients, Nagano Intensive Horse Oil Cream is formulated to have a light buttery cream texture for maximum absorption properties to impart a healthy glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.    Direction for use: Apply and massage an appropriate amount on your face prior to bedtime or first thing in the morning followed by Nagano Sunscreen Cream for perfect protection. Nagano Intensive Horse Oil Cream also works well under applied makeup.  Capacity / Volume: 70 g     产品介绍: 含有马油、维他命E、乳木果油、荷荷芭油 在100%马油配方下,Nagano马油保湿霜属极致的保湿霜,且含有高浓度维他命E。它富有的烟酰胺和纯神经酰胺有利于修复,更新和加强皮肤细胞,防止皮肤水分流失,同时拥有理想的抗菌效果。烟酰胺可增加脸部亮度,降低皮脂分泌,并用于治疗色素沉淀及各种程度的伤疤,痤疮。此外,Nagano 马油保湿霜里的成分亦可有效对抗妊娠纹。   使用方法: 每天早晚在干净的脸涂上适量的马油保湿霜后,轻轻按摩,以便让肌肤吸收,并到达最佳呵护。 容量:70克