Eyebrow Pencil – Dark Brown

NG 1031_1
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting color
  • Natural stereo
  • Any skin type can be used
  • Not blooming
  • Waterproof
  • 容易上手
  • 顏色持久
  • 自然立体
  • 任何肤质都能使用
  • 不晕染
  • 易上色
  • 防水


Product Description

Description:   Nagano Eyebrow Pencil glides softly over the skin with an elegant and discreet line. By enhancing the shape of the eyebrow, it helps to accentuate your eyes and overall feature. Come in 2 color : brown and dark brown.   Direction for use:   Brush brows upwards and apply with light pencil strokes to fill in brows. Blend with the brush.   产品介绍::   只需轻轻滑动Nagano眉笔,就可带出优雅的眉线。使用它可使眉毛的形状更明显,并有助于突出你的眼睛和整体特征。 Nagano 推出两种颜色:褐色及深褐色。   使用方法:   用轻轻的笔触画上眉毛,然后使用笔端的刷子轻轻往上刷。