Express Nail Color Remover

  • Mild texture
  • Healthy without stimulation
  • Ability to clean nails quickly
  • Packaging designed for ease of use
  • 質地溫和
  • 健康不刺激
  • 能夠迅速地清洗指甲
  • 包裝設計為便于使用


Product Description

Description:   contains Jojoba Oil, Rice Milk and Strawberry extracts  Nagano Express Nail Polish Remover quickly removes all traces of nail polish within a dip. It is effective and fast, leaving you impeccably clean nails while being gentle to your nails.   Direction for use:   Insert your finger into the holes in the sponge. Twist your finger until all the nail polish is removed. Repeat on other nails. Capacity / Volume: 90 ml   产品介绍:   含有荷荷芭油、牛奶糊及草莓精华 使用小量的Nagano洗甲水可迅速去除指甲油的痕迹,用温和的配方让您的指甲变得干净。   使用方法:   将您的指甲插入瓶中,来回转动您的手指,瓶内的海绵刷会把所有的指甲油擦干净。重复此步骤于其他手指。 容量:90毫升