Creamy Eye Treatment

NG 1045
  • Eye bags
  • Puffiness 
  • Dark Circles
  • 消除眼袋
  • 眼睛浮肿
  • 黑眼圈


Product Description

Description:  Vitamin E Nagano Creamy Eye Treatment is the perfect eye-care product to protect against problematic eyebags, puffiness and dark circles. Contains vitamin E and natural extracts to purify your skin from inside out, for rich, long-lasting 48-hour moisture. Leaves your skin feeling naturally fresher, brighter and smoother.   Directions for use: Apply an appropriate amount of Nagano Creamy Eye Treatment onto the eye contour area with a light tapping motion. For the best results, use twice daily. Capacity / Volume:    产品介绍: 富有维他命E Nagano 眼部护理霜是一种能消除眼袋,眼睛浮肿和黑眼圈的产品。它富有维他命E和天然精华,从内至外净化您的肌肤,保湿长达48小时。让您的肌肤时刻处于自然清新、亮丽及光滑的状态。   使用方法: 在眼睛周围敷上适量的Nagano 眼部护理霜,并加以轻轻拍打。每日使用两次,以达到最佳效果。 容量:15毫升