Collagen Soap

NG 1010
  • Green apple stem cells

  • 100% pure natural honey

  • Collagen

  • 青苹果干细胞

  • 100%纯蜜糖

  • 胶原


Product Description

Description: contains Green Apple Stem Cells, Honey and Collagen Nagano Green Apple Soap is formulated with green apple stem cells, 100% pure natural honey and collagen. It is a wonderful natural beauty aid. Thanks to its rich antioxidants, Nagano Green Apple Soap brings about remarkable anti-aging effects and skin rejuvenation. It also nourishes the skin cells and enhances the formation of collagen and elastin, resulting in firm, elastic and moisturized skin. It leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth all day long. This is a mild and gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin.   Direction for use: Gently massage Nagano Green Apple Soap all over your face and rinse thoroughly with water twice a day, morning and evening. Capacity / Volume: 100 g   产品介绍: 含有青苹果干细胞,蜜糖及胶原 Nagano 青苹果洗脸皂配制于青苹果干细胞,100%纯蜜糖和胶原。 这个天然美容洗脸皂富有抗氧化剂,带给您显着的抗衰老及修复效果。此外,它能滋润皮肤细胞,并增强胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的形成,以促成坚实,有弹性和滋润的肌肤。这让您的肌肤全天候干净、柔软及平滑。这是一个温和的配方,并适合敏感肌肤。   使用方法: 每天早晚各使用一次,在脸上敷上Nagano 青苹果洗脸皂,并温和按摩及用温水加以清洗即可。 容量:100克