BB Cream

NG 1000
  • UV protection
  • Moisturizing
  • Whitening
  • Anti-aging effects.
  • 防防紫外线
  • 保湿
  • 美白及抗老化


Product Description

Description: contains Vitamin E, Collagen and natural extracts from Chamomile, Licorice & Green Tea Leaf Nagano Collagen BB Cream is a beauty foundation with UV protection plus moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging effects. It provides a smooth and light texture for a more natural and radiant skin. It also keeps your skin moisturized all day for a youthful look.   Direction for use: Apply Nagano BB Cream over clean, dry face and neck. Gently massage until completely absorbed. Capacity / Volume: 20 ml   产品介绍: 含有维他命E, 胶原 以及提取于黄菊花、甘草及绿茶叶的天然精华 Nagano 胶原BB霜是具有防防紫外线、保湿、美白及抗老化功效的一种美容粉底。主要功能是遮暇。它具有光滑及祛除细纹的功效,使用后会肌肤显得自然及容光焕发。除此之外,它含有全天候保湿功能,从而打造年轻肌肤。   使用方法: 在干净的脸部及颈部涂上Nagano BB霜,并且均匀按摩以便完全让肌肤吸收。 容量:20毫升