Nagano Daily Routine

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“A girl with good skincare is never ugly.”

NAGANO is a Japanese skincare brand that believes that every girl deserves to be pretty. We understand the importance of having a flawless skin. All our products are made from mild and gentle formula, specially fabricated for your delicate skin. We use natural ingredients from flowers and fruits to keep yours skin healthy and smooth.

Your recommended daily routine:

1) Start your day with NAGANO Whitening Facial Foam

Aftera night’s sleep, wake up to a frsh morning by using NAGANO Whitening Facial Foam to cleanse your face. With one pump in your hand, gently massage the foam onto your face and enjoy the soft creamy texture of thefoam along with refreshing green apple scent while you cleanse. Enriched with Nagano Apple Stem Cell and Collagen, this gentle cleansing foam also helps withskin regeneration and restoration of elasticity. Nagano whitening facial foam will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and moisturized.

2) Next, apply NAGANO Whitening Day Cream for the day

Moisturize your skin with NAGANO Whitening Day Cream formulated with the natural ingredient Gigawhite. Gigawhite contains the best combination of 7 natural plants growing in the alps to give you the most natural whitening effect. Besides the moisturizing effect, it also helps to whiten and brighten your skin for a luminous look all day.

3) Touch up with NAGANO CC cream before you leave your room

Fora perfect look, apply a layer of Nagano CC Cream. Fret not, unlike other CC cream, our CC cream is water-based, and hence will not give your oily skin and clogged pores. What’s more, with SPF 35,it will also protect you from the harmful UV lights from the sun that can cause skin damage. Now you’re almost ready to go out.

4) Don’t forget your NAGANO Mineral Facial Spray

Don’t forget to bring along your Nagano Mineral Facial Spray to constantly replenish your skin’s moisture. Whenever you need a boost of hydration, spray it over your face and neck, let the ultrafine mist get absorbed deeply into your skin to soothe and calm your skin. You will instantly feel refreshed and hydrated again.

5) Pamper yourself with NAGANO Sleeping Mask after a long day

Feeling tired after a long day? Time to rejuvenate your skin! After a thorough cleansing with Nagano Whitening Facial Foam, apply a layer of Nagano Sleeping Mask all over your face and neck and get ready to go to bed. It’s so convenient that no extra washing steps are required. Let Nagano Sleeping Mask do the job of hydrating, restoring and replenishing nutrients for your skin while you sleep. Wake up next day with a fully nourished skin and continue your daily Nagano routine.

Hurry up and get pretty now! Let Nagano skincare products take care of your skin!
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